"We Create Our Own"

When we searched for hinges and cremones that would match the quality of our custom steel doors and windows, we found nothing that met our standard of strength, quality and service. So we purchased computer-driven mills and designed our own unique hardware, machined from solid bronze, brass and stainless steel.


The result has become a line of competitively priced hardware that is custom designed for each door, made to .002" tolerances, produced with a fraction of the natural resources needed in the casting process, and fitted with the individual care expected of quality craftsmanship. Our doors are then pre-hung in the shop, and the hardware is installed and tested to be sure everything works on delivery.

In fact, we are so proud of our hardware, each piece is numbered and catalogued with reference to door and client.


  • Machined from steel billets
  • Oil permeated bronze bushings
  • Non-corrosive hardened brass pin
  • Custom bronze finials
  • Watertight machined tolerances